New Webinar Discusses Improving Epoxy Syntactic Foam Performance and Properties


The second webinar in a collaborative series between Evonik Jayhawk Fine Chemicals and Dixie Chemicals will outline how the companies are improving the properties of epoxy syntactic foams. The series focuses on epoxy syntactic foam technology, specifically for oil and gas applications, and the first webinar discussed the importance of curatives. The first webinar can be found here

In the second webinar, ‘Improving the Performance of Epoxy Syntactic Foams, Part 2: Properties’ Evonik Jayhawk and Dixie Chemicals present their latest findings on blended curative systems, and demonstrate their influence on the properties of epoxy syntactic foams. To address the density, thermal, and hydrostatic requirements at greater depths of the ocean, a unique cure system has been developed.

Insulation Issues for Oil and Gas Industries

The two companies have collaborated in an effort to improve the transport efficiency of reserves from greater ocean depths in more extreme environments in the oil and gas sector. In some cases, oil and gas reserves require longer reach-out distances of more than 30 miles in order to expand deepwater exploration.

These operations require more effective insulation to meet the demands and minimize heat transfer while reducing paraffin formation and maintaining viscosity. Wet insulated pipes using epoxy syntactic foam is becoming a feasible solution to these challenges.

The Webinar

Attendees will leave the webinar understanding the key drivers of epoxy syntactic foam performance, and how the epoxy syntactic foam properties are influenced by the blending of monoanhydride and dianhydride curatives.

Further research will also be outlined in the webinar, including in-service testing and modeling to match formulations with specific end requirements.

The speaker for the webinar will be Borys Schafran, the Business Director for Building Blocks at Evonik Jayhawk. You can join the webinar on December 14th, 2017 At 11 am EST (8 am PST) by registering here

About the Companies

Evonik Jayhawk is the custom-manufacturing hub of Evonik Industries industrial and agrochemical markets. An integral part of Evonik Jayhawk’s operations is dianhydride production, and the company has over 40 years of experience in the research, development, and production of these materials.

Dixie Chemical manufactures high-performance specialty chemicals, with a focus on innovation for new chemical products and business growth. Dixie Chemical engineers and chemists work with a range of organizations to develop new technologies and advanced materials.