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Building Blocks are used as starting materials or intermediates for a variety of complex synthesis and formulation projects.  Agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, polymers and related downstream products all rely on building blocks with exacting specifications.

A select portfolio of these products is available from JAYHAWK on a made-to-order basis, building on our core competence in fine chemical custom manufacturing. Customers are welcome to provide forecasts and delivery schedules for an easy buying experience. Purchasing options include:

  • Specifications matched to your particular process

  • Packaging customized to your batch size and manufacturing environment

  • Logistics services for delivery to any global location

  • Access to complementary products from collaborative partners

    Questions? Don’t see the product you need? Please reach out to our JAYHAWK team. We’re here to serve!

Meeting design challenges for the next-generation of smartphones.  Experiencing the novelty and excitement of electric vehicles.  Conserving energy with the latest home lighting systems.

JAYHAWK dianhydrides play an unassuming, yet critical role in all of these activities as:

  • a key building block in the manufacture of polyimide films used in flexible printed circuitry in smartphones,
    tablets, computers and automotive electronics to optimize thermal and dielectric properties

  • thermal curatives for epoxy resins in powder coatings, wire enamels, varnishes and potting compounds for the
    many electronic motors and components found in modern transportation and infrastructure 

  • LED encapsulants for light sources including those found in automotive, consumer and commercial fixtures

In each case, JAYHAWK dianhydrides contribute to dimensional stability, heat resistance and dielectric properties required for the increasing complexity of these applications.

BPDA (Biphenyl tetracarboxylic dianhydride) (Developmental)

a-BPDA (Developmental)


Developing breakthrough matrix resins for printed circuit boards.  Pushing the design envelope of aircraft, space vehicles and satellites with advanced composite materials. 

JAYHAWK crosslinkers contribute to these successes with:

  • Novel intermediates suitable for bismaleimide, epoxy and phenolic matrix resins

  • Allyl- and hydroxy-functionality for the latest hybrid resin systems

Take a closer look at JAYHAWK crosslinkers for your next resin development project.

TM124 (Diallyl Bisphenol A)

TMTC (Trimesoyl trichloride)


Saving critical data to a CD-R for safekeeping. Succeeding with a complex Grignard synthesis in the lab.  Finding a cleaner, safer route to agrochemical and pharmaceutical manufacture. 

JAYHAWK high-purity solvents are integral to these applications and are available in:

  • drum, tote and bulk packaging

  • various specifications

JAYHAWK high-purity solvents provide fresh options for today’s novel chemistry.