Fine Chemical Custom Manufacturing

Fine chemical custom manufacturers provide a broad core competence in the manufacture of complex chemical intermediates. Available services include process development, procurement expertise, logistics management, regulatory support, accounting, analytical and IT services. Providing support for something as simple as a distillation or as complex as a multi-step synthesis, a fine chemical custom manufacturer can be a cost effective means for meeting your product requirements.


A fine chemical custom manufacturer offers flexibility, process optimization, and cost minimization throughout the product lifecycle. Clients can also minimize capital investments for their project utilizing a phased capital approach. Rapid growth can also require clients to seek out additional capacity to keep up with market demands. Lastly, clients may want to preserve mature products by outsourcing them to introduce something new in their own operation. In all cases, fine chemical custom manufacturers offer attractive solutions for the best allocation of client resources.


Clients benefit from JAYHAWK’s core competence in specialty chemistry, extensive process development capabilities, waste and cost minimization, management of co-product streams and full accreditations. JAYHAWK provides the creative and technical skill, the continuous quality, and the efficiency that customers might expect of their own operations.


Success requires trust, open communication, mutual information sharing and creative problem solving. The fine chemical custom manufacturer should serve as an extension of the client’s own manufacturing operations, getting their product to market as quickly as possible and at the best cost position. This leads to a continued partnership, especially when it comes to supporting the client’s own pipeline of product development programs.


The make decision, or insourcing, refers to the client’s deployment of internal assets and resources to best meet production and economic requirements. The buy decision, or outsourcing via an external provider, can often bring fresh expertise and demonstrated capabilities to a client’s specific technology or chemistry requirement that may not be available within their own operation.  


Please contact the JAYHAWK team by going to the Contact Us page and filling out the form or by calling +1 (973) 929-8165


All of our fine chemical custom manufacturing projects vary depending on client needs. If you are interested in working with JAYHAWK but are concerned about the proper fit or size of your project, please contact us. We would love to hear about your requirements and answer your questions.


JAYHAWK is proudly certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Responsible Care, and cGMP/FDA standards. These documents are available upon request.


Building Blocks 

Made-to-order or made-to-demand products are offered by JAYHAWK based on our historical core competencies in specialty chemistry and unit operations. These are grouped into three categories: (a) specialty anhydrides; (b) high-purity solvents; and (c) crosslinkers.


JAYHAWK strives to introduce new products based on valuable insights from our customers. We fill our pipeline with many novel ideas that transition into developmental products. While not quite ready for primetime, these products may be available for sampling and feedback, as we further refine and prepare them for commercialization. Interested in being a beta-tester? Contact us today.


Yes, our team is pleased to custom pack our products in weights matched to your batch size and other manufacturing requirements. Minimize waste, ensure quality and safety. This service is available upon request.


You can find our product's technical data sheets in our Resource Center.


JAYHAWK BTDA is our flagship dianhydride, used as an epoxy thermal curative and a building block for polyimide synthesis in applications requiring sustainable performance in high temperature, pressure and aggressive chemical environments. When you think of…

  • Electric motors, lighting and navigation systems in your new car;

  • Complex circuitry in your smartphone and tablet;

  • Reliable oil/gas/wind/solar power delivery;

…remember that BTDA plays a role in all of these technologies, enabling components to last longer and run without disruption.


JAYHAWK BTDA is a solid, available in flake, powder, micronized powder and ultrapure forms. Pastes and dispersions are available from Dixie Chemical, our collaborative partner. Check our Products page to find out more about which BTDA type is right for you.


Products are manufactured according to customer forecast and delivery requirements; no inventories are maintained. Lead time for new customers averages 90 days, but can often be sooner. 


Customers are welcome to contact us with specific requirements, including custom packaging or other special needs.  You will receive a detailed quotation by e-mail with instructions on placing an order. 


JAYHAWK's expert logistics team services customers worldwide with ground, air and sea freight options.  Standard Incoterms are FCA JAYHAWK site, Galena, Kansas USA.  If you'd like us to arrange for shipping to your destination, please contact us for support.



JAYHAWK possesses many analytical capabilities, those of which include: 400 MHz NMR, ICP-M/S, ICP-AES, Ion Chromatography, GC-MS, FTIR, Karl-Fisher Titration (volumetric and coulombmetric), HPLC, UHPLC, GC, and a variety of other standard test methods. 


Please refer to the image at the bottom of our Services page.


Evonik JAYHAWK Fine Chemicals has the capability to ship materials of all package sizes, domestically by truck or railcar, and internationally by air or sea freight. We work with several shipping and freight forwarding companies to ensure efficient and reliable freight services to get our products to your door or port choosing when you need it. If you prefer to arrange your own freight, we can work with your freight companies as well.


JAYHAWK is not GMP certifited at this time, but we are cGMP certified.  Check out our Services page for more  information about our certifications.


JAYHAWK has a formal Contamination Prevention protocol that has been integrated into the JAYHAWK Management System. The policy is designed to include:

  • Equipment cleaning protocols that are adaptable to customer cleaning requirements

  • Equipment swabs for APIs

  • Product testing for previous product contamination

  • Impurity profile testing for products

  • Equipment separation indices as per customer requirements

  • Warehouse segregation


We currently have five published White Papers.  You can find all of these and more in our Resource Center.


Partnerships and More

JAYHAWK focuses on our core competence: the manufacture of complex fine chemical intermediates. When there is an opportunity to provide greater value to our customers, in the form of complementary products, new product developments and services, collaborative partners are carefully selected to deliver synergies. Customers benefit from simplified sourcing, process innovations and speed-to-market, providing them with a competitive edge.


We offer product data sheets, white papers, educational webinars, and more. Find them in our Resource Center, or by contacting us anytime via phone, e-mail or on our social media pages. We would be happy to answer your questions!


Anyone interested in making a positive contribution to the continued growth of our production, R&D, quality, customer service, sales and marketing teams is welcome to submit their resume for consideration. Think you can make a difference? Contact us on our Instagram.


Evonik JAYHAWK has accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.  Be sure to check us out at each site and leave a comment!


You can find a number of the Trade Shows and Exhibitions that JAYHAWK participates in on our Events & News page.  Reach out and let us know if we will see you there!